What are Sheepskin Rugs? Are they Worth Money?

What Makes a Rug Worthy?

What makes your rug expensive? It is the quality which makes it costly and also the most selling product. Thus, an expensive rug must be made of high-quality material such as sheepskin, wool, silk or wool and silk. Furthermore, style, design, size and colors create a rug valuable. 

In addition, a rug’s softness, durability and design intricacy make it precious and worthy. 

Everyone wants to buy a rug that enhances the glory and beauty of the home. Furthermore, a rug which adds warmth to the house and gives it a cozy appearance would be loved by consumers. 

What are the Sheepskin Rugs?

These rugs are the traditional, simultaneously trendy pieces that give your home a luxurious look. These rugs consist of sheep’s skin with natural wool fibers on them. Through processing, the fibers attach to the skin permanently. 

When we talk about designer sheepskin area rugs, they are made of high-quality wool. How do you identify the high-quality wool? Thus, you can check for its density, loftiness, length, color and soft feeling on touch. However, these rugs are costly because of their quality and processing. 

However, an original and premium sheepskin rug will provide luxurious comfort to your home with its excellent fluffy, soft and silky appearance. Thus, we can say that these rugs are worth investing money in. 

Why Opt for Sheepskin?

Many factors make sheepskin a high-quality material for rug making. Furthermore, it has many qualities that place sheepskin rug under the category of luxury rugs. Following are some reasons you should purchase a rug made of sheepskin. Includes,

  • It has a soft and smooth texture.
  • Sheepskin rugs are lightweight and flexible.
  • These consist of hypoallergenic design.
  • Sheepskin is flame retardant in nature. 
  • They have antibacterial properties.

Furthermore, the fleece contains natural oil that makes sheepskin rug silky and soft. In addition, unlike the other synthetic rugs, these rugs don’t have static charges. Various designs and colors are available in these rugs, including contemporary and modern. Thus, you can easily find a sheepskin rug according to your home style. However, whatever the design is, the sheepskin rug will give your home a traditionally luxurious look.  

Should I Place a Sheepskin-made Rug in a High Foot-Traffic Area?

A rug should contain several qualities to be placed in a high-traffic area. It should be durable, enjoyable to walk on, easy to clean and have a complicated wearing design. Furthermore, a rug you want to place in a high-traffic area should be functional and decorative. When we consider sheepskin rugs, they are super comfortable to walk on, durable, and beautiful. Thus, you can place your sheepskin rug in a high-traffic area. 

However, there are some rugs you should avoid placing in high foot-traffic areas. Includes,

Plush Rugs:

Plush rugs are more often used as mats and are tough to clean. Thus, it would be better to avoid placing plush rugs in high-traffic areas. 

Rugs Made of Silk Material:

Undoubtedly, silk rugs are beautiful but also delicate and come with a high price tag. Thus, silk rugs can easily be damaged by increased foot traffic. Therefore, to preserve the glory of silk rugs, it is better to place them in an area with less foot traffic.

Thick Piled Rugs:

A rug with thick piling may be more prone to shedding. Furthermore, a thick piled rug is usually a plush. Thus, placing thick piled rugs in a crowded space is not an excellent choice.

Consequently, wool or sheepskin-made rugs may be expensive but are durable. Thus, consider rugs made of resilient materials like sheepskin. Besides the high price tag, they are durable and an excellent choice to place in high foot traffic areas.  

Furthermore, color, design and style are essential in determining whether to place a rug in a crowded space. The light or darker color rugs will be more prone to dirt and stains. Thus, it would be best to never put a white or ivory-colored rug in high foot traffic areas. 

How do I Keep Sheepskin Rugs Soft and Smooth?

The brand new sheepskin rug is super fluffy and silky. Thus, if you want to maintain their softness, you must clean them regularly. For this purpose, use a wire sheepskin brush. This brush effectively keeps your sheepskin rug tangle-free and can remove most of the dirt. 

Regular brushing helps keep your sheepskin rug springy and soft and lessens the need for washing. Hence, frequent washing may shrink your rugs. Thus, brushing your rug instead of frequently washing it is better. Furthermore, you can maintain the natural texture of your rug by hanging it in sunlight. 

How Often Should Sheepskin Rugs Require Professional Cleaning?

For sure, sheepskin rug is beautiful as well as durable. Furthermore, regular and proper cleaning can increase the shelf life of sheepskin rug. Moreover, it also helps to maintain their natural texture. Nevertheless, by practicing the following steps, you can reduce the necessity of professional cleaning. Includes,

  • Regular vacuuming at least once a week with a suction vacuum cleaner
  • Frequent shaking of your rug on a sunny, airy day
  • Blotting small spills with a damp cloth will reduce an expensive professional cleaning service.
  • Occasional brushing with a wire sheepskin brush
  • Try to avoid direct sun exposure daily as it may cause discoloration. 
  • Keep your sheepskin rug dry as they may cause odor and damage their natural texture.

Furthermore, for professional cleaning, you must opt for well-reputed rug cleaning companies for a better experience. We have expert cleaners at Royal rug gallery who work carefully and efficiently to preserve your sheepskin rug’ texture, color and design.   

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