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Rug Cleaning Services in Miami, FL

Top quality rugs deserve only the best professional rug cleaning service. Find the best rug and tapestry cleaning service at Royal Rug Gallery located in Coral Gables | Miami, FL. Your beautiful rug is a precious possession, a sizable investment and a work of art which requires special care. Royal Rugs Gallery owner, Amin Yamini, summed up rug care, in his article in the Miami Herald. He put it this way: “the carpet is like a car the more mileage you put on it, the more care it needs”. Rugs are designed with fibers ranging from wool to silks, cottons, synthetic and therefore just like other textiles, are prone to impurities like fine dust, pathogens, moth eggs, dander from pets. They become trapped deep inside where they can multiply and are beyond the suction power of commercial vacuums. Steam cleaning is inappropriate for area rugs which might actually cause damage; they are only suitable for wall to wall installed carpets. At Royal Rug Gallery, because we know every rug is unique whether it is handmade or power-loomed, we use a careful process. We begin by testing the color to see whether it will run, since some dyes are weaker and more prone to running, then use a proper heavy duty vacuum, shampoo and wash process. Our effective & gentle rug cleaning process preserves the dye within the fibers of your rug, leaving it vibrant and clean. We clean all types of rugs.