How to Clean a Wool Rug? A Complete guide

For sure, wool rugs are one of the best investments you can make for your home. Hence, wool rugs are warm and durable and match beautifully with any home style. These rugs are unique, beautiful and simultaneously long-lasting because of some resistant materials. 

For instance, wool is a natural and renewable fiber that inhibits bacterial growth. Furthermore, it contains lanolin, a natural repellent to dust mites and stains. Therefore, wool rugs or carpets are considered one of the most durable and long-lasting rugs. 

Thus, properly cleaning and restoring your wool rug is necessary to protect your investment. Hence, if you clean a wool rug frequently, it can preserve its beauty and also prevent certain damages. 

How frequently should I Clean a Wool Rug?

It is necessary to clean the wool rug daily to maintain its beauty. Furthermore, vacuuming is the best way to clean your rug or carpet. When your rug is new, shedding of threads may occur. However, it is not a situation to be worried about. 

Indeed, shedding is normal for the first few months. However, if you vacuum the rug twice a week, the shedding will quickly stop. For better results, you should also use a vacuum with a beater bar that captures embedded dust particles. However, if your rug is fringed, try not to use a vacuum at fringes to prevent damage.

A Complete Guide to the Clean a Cool Rug:  

Clean Out the Dirt by Shaking the Rug:

The first step of cleaning a rug is to shake out the dirt properly. Therefore, select a sunny day for cleaning purposes. Spread the rug on a sturdy wire or clothesline and hit it with a broom or rug beater. It will shake out all the embedded dirt. Furthermore, remove the rug pad and clean the flooring under the rug. 

Use a Vacuum to Clean a Wool Rug:

Spread the wrong side of the rug on a clean surface and vacuum it properly. Afterwards, turn the rug and vacuum it well. Thus, it will catch up with all the dust from the wool. 

Wash with a Gentle Detergent Solution:

After vacuuming, wash it properly with detergent. For this purpose, fill the bucket with cool water, add a full tablespoon of detergent, and make a solution. Furthermore, fill a second bucket with simple cool water. 

Slightly Scrub the Rug:

Dip a clean sponge in detergent solution and gently rub the rug. Start at one end of the rug and work with a grid of 3 feet by 3 feet. Rub the rug with gentle pressure. After rubbing on the rug, wash the sponge with clean water as the soil gets attached. Furthermore, wool is very water absorbent. Thus, don’t over-soaked the sponge because wool rugs will absorb water and then take a long time to dry. 

Rinse the Rug with a Clean Wet-sponge:

After cleaning the rug with detergent, rinse it using a clean wet sponge. It is essential because remaining detergent in the rug can attract more dust and may cause damage. Thus, if you want to prevent your rug from being damaged, then don’t skip this step.

Blot the Moisture:

After rinsing the suds, blot the wet rug using a dry towel. The towel will absorb the excess moisture from the wool. Divide the whole area of the carpet into small sections and properly blot each section. Afterwards, move to the next section. Repeat this step until all the excessive water gets extracted from the rug.

Let the Rug Air-dry:

After the blotting step, hang the rug on a railing or clothesline to get it air-dry. The hanging procedure will enhance the air circulation, and the rug will dry up speedily. Thus, once the rug becomes completely dry, attach the rug pad again. 

How do you Remove Stains from a Wool Rug?

It often happens that a liquid spills on a rug promptly. Thus, stains of tea, coffee or juices on rugs are usual. However, it is better to cover the problem immediately to protect your wool rug.  

Following are some steps to tackle the stains when your wool rug receives a spill. Includes,

Avoid Rubbing:

Don’t rub it immediately when your wool rug receives a stain. Hence, rubbing can allow penetration of fluid deep into the carpet. Thus, on spilling any material on the rug, remove the solid particles with a spatula or speen. Afterwards, blot the wet area of the rug with tissue paper and let it air dry. 

Let the Mud Dry:

In the case of mud, let the soil dry first. It is pretty easy to remove the dried dirt instead of a wet one. After drying, use any solid object such as a spatula to remove the mud. Furthermore, vacuum the area to clean the wool rug properly.

Use stain remover:

To remove the stain, you can use any stain remover. However, don’t pour the stain remover directly on the rug. Instead, absorb less stain remover on a clean white cloth. Before tapping it on the rug, rug it onto another fabric to check whether it releases any color. It will also help to remove any soapy material from wool. 

Use Recommended Stain Remover:

Undoubtedly, rugs are precious and sensitive things. Thus, whether you have a vintage hand-knotted Persian rug or a machine-woven, gently cleaning a wool rug is necessary to protect it from damage.   

Avoid Bleach:

Be gentle to your rugs; thus, don’t apply any bleach to your rugs, such as ammonium, chlorine or even oxygen-based bleach. These chemicals cause damage to the rugs. Therefore, always clean a wool rug with mild detergent. 

However, you can also approach professional rug cleaners like Royal rug gallery services. Our expert cleaners will efficiently clean your wool rug and preserve its glory.  

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