Essential Tips for Silk Rug Restoration. How to Safely Clean a Silk Rug?

Silk rugs are a combination of elegance, tradition and glory. Thus, silk rugs are perfect for your home and give your home a luxurious look. Undoubtedly, nothing is like handmade silk rugs. Silk rugs are made of fine silk yarn, allowing the weavers to produce a detailed and elegant rug. 

An experienced craftsman finalizes the designs carefully before they start weaving a carpet. Therefore, they produce a delicate and flawless piece. One of the most famous silk rugs is the Persian Qum rug, made of pure silk on a silk foundation. These rugs are trendy because of their quality and complicated weaving patterns. 

Not surprisingly, silk rugs are expensive because it takes too much time to weave a silk rug. Furthermore, it is pretty tough to produce a silk rug because silk is an excellent material compared to wool. In addition, the knot count in the silk rug is two or three times higher than in wool rugs. 

Furthermore, due to the fineness of silk yarn, silk rugs have a more complex infrastructure than wool rugs. Therefore, it looks more luxurious and glorious. Additionally, it adds a traditional beauty to your space.    

Significance of Silk Rug Restoration:

Along with elegance, silk rugs are delicate also. Therefore, it is essential to clean the silk rug regularly. Furthermore, these rugs are fragile, so cleaning them with care requires cleaning them. Thus, it is not an easy task. Additionally, cleaning the silk rug at least once a year is a must. Take your silk rug outside the room and dip it in cold water. 

Why is silk rug restoration necessary? As we discussed, silk rugs are fragile and more prone to damage. Thus, to prevent its glory, it is essential to clean your silk rug carefully. Proper cleaning also prevents color fading and bleeding from one color to another section. 

When it comes to cleaning silk rugs, you need the right tools for cleaning to prevent damage. Therefore, most people use professional silk rug cleaning services to clean the rug properly. Expert cleaners at the Royal rug gallery will carefully restore your rug and remove dirt and stains without damaging it. 

Silk Rug Restoration and Prevention from Damage:

However, in this article, we will discuss the important tips through which you can clean your rug regularly to prevent it from any permanent damage. Furthermore, you can also prevent damage by following preventive measures. 

How do I Prevent Stains from Damaging Silk Rugs?

Undoubtedly, prevention is always better than remedy. Thus, to maintain the glory of your silk rug, it is essential to prevent it from various factors that cause damage to it. For this purpose, follow some of the points mentioned below;

  • Try to limit the foot traffic in the area where you have placed your silk rug, especially of pets and children. 
  • Ask your guests and family members to remove shoes before entering the house. 
  • Keep the juices and wine away from the rugs.
  • Try to keep your pets away from the silk rug. However, if it is impossible, train your pets not to lay or urinate on the rug.
  • Ensure to keep the acidic liquids (odors and colors) away from the rug. These chemicals cause severe damage to the rug and can only be removed by a professional cleaner. 
  • Carefully vacuum your rug at least once in one or two weeks. Thus, it will not prevent dirt from settling deep down on the silk fibers. 
  • In case of exposure to sunlight, regularly rotate your silk rug to prevent discoloration and deterioration of the silk rug’s fibers.

Cleaning Steps for Silk Rug Restoration:

Here we will discuss some tips to clean your silk rug. Furthermore, these silk restoration steps will not damage your piece and will preserve its glory.


It would help if you vacuumed your rug regularly to remove dirt particles and allergens from the fibers. It is essential to vacuum your silk rug at least once a week. However, ensure to attach appropriate vacuum attachments designed for stairs and upholstery. Furthermore, it helps remove spills and prevent them from seeping into the fibers.

Wash with a Silk Rug Shampoo:

It is essential to wash your silk rug using an appropriate shampoo specially formulated for silk rugs. Furthermore, the shampoo should be according to the type of fabric. There is a lot of silk rug shampoo available in the market. 

However, you have to do a bit of research to find out the best silk rug shampoo. A silk rug shampoo should be gentle, contain mild chemicals and be non-toxic.  

Avoid Bleaching:

As we discussed before, silk rug fibers are very delicate. Thus, it is essential to use mild cleaning agents to restore your silk rug. Bleach is a potent cleaning agent that may cause permanent damage to your rug. 

Furthermore, it may harm your silk rug’s color, texture and material. Thus, it is better to use an alternative to bleach to prevent damage. 

Use Mild Detergent:

For sure, detergents are the best cleaning agent for silk rug restoration. Furthermore, they are efficient in removing the harsh stains from rugs. Therefore, if you want to clean your silk rug properly, use a mild detergent. Mix the detergent in water and apply the diluted detergent to the affected area. 

Don’t let Water Stay on the Silk Rug:

Don’t allow water to stay on the rug for longer, as silk rugs are delicate. Therefore, water can damage the silk fibers. Thus, after washing the rug, properly dry the area of the rug. For this purpose, use a clean, dry cloth and soak all the water from the silk rug. Afterwards, use another clean, dry cloth or towel and dab on the rug to soak up any remaining moisture.

Use Baking Soda and Vinegar:

Baking soda and vinegar are natural ingredients. Thus they will not cause any damage to your silk rug. Furthermore, these ingredients are also very effective in cleaning rugs and stain removal. 

Mix equal amounts of both the ingredients and apply them to the stain. Leave it for 30 minutes, and after that, scrub it using a brush or cloth. Rinse it with water and let it air dry. 

Final Words:

Silk rugs are one of the most precious home décor items. They give a welcoming and luxurious look to your home. However, silk rug restoration is essential to maintain to prevent deterioration. You can opt for the best cleaning services at the Royal rug gallery for the best maintenance of your silk rug. We have experts who efficiently restore your silk rugs without damaging their texture and color.    

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