Decorate your Home with Beautiful Hand knotted Persian Rugs

Rugs and carpets give your home a traditional as well as modern look. Initially, rugs and carpets were taken as a necessity and used only in specific areas such as Iran, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, etc. However, with time the trend of rugs is overwhelmingly increasing even in the west. 

With the increase in its popularity, artisans are making more versatile designs. There is a wide variety of hand-knotted Persian rugs and oriental rugs. Today, people use these beautiful rugs for decorating purposes. Undoubtedly, these elegant rugs and carpets make your home more attractive and add a traditional luxurious look. 

Rug making is a heritage, and with time the skills of artisans are becoming exceptionally polished. Artisan’s hand does magic; therefore, there appears to be perfection in every knot. Every artisan has its unique style, which appears in the designs of rugs and carpets. The hard work and skills with which the artisans tie each knot make a rug unique and magnificent. Therefore, the oriental and hand-knotted oriental rugs are becoming the favorite home décor item for people.      

Persian and oriental rugs are two distinctive pieces. However, the majority of people consider them the same. The novice often calls these two terms interchangeably. However, there is a clear difference between these two types of rugs. Thus, if you are thinking of buying a hand-knotted Persian rug, then you must know about it. Therefore, you can purchase an original hand-knotted Persian rug; otherwise, you may get fraud by some dealers. 

Difference Between Hand-Knotted Persian Rugs and an Oriental Rug:

We will discuss the difference between these two types of rugs by considering some essential factors. Includes, 

Origin of Rugs:

The first and foremost difference between these rugs is the origin. The rugs handmade in countries such as China, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan or Afghanistan are called Oriental rugs. In contrast, hand-knotted rugs in Iran only are referred to as hand-knotted rugs. 

Persian or oriental rugs have a unique place in the market because of their magnificent designs, patches and unmatched quality. Hand-knotted rugs are famous because of the gorgeous artwork of Iranian artisans. These artisans are experts in their work as they have started to learn the weaving skills from their elders in their childhood.  

They have been indulged in this artistic work so long that no one can match their skills and efficiency. However, the area or town of the artisan also has a visible impact on the designs and styles of  Persian rugs. 

Design and Pattern of Rugs:

Undoubtedly, when it comes to designs and patterns, the Persian and oriental rugs are different from each other. Tarbiz, Kerman, Kashan, and Heriz are the most famous hand-knotted Persian rug designs. These rugs are named after the village or town where the rugs were made. 

Each rug reflects the distinctive way of weaving and designing a particular area where the artisan lives. Every artisan has specific styles and designs. Therefore, the majority of rug styles depict the stories of local heritage. Furthermore, they often use vibrant color fibers in rugs.

In contrast, the oriental rugs represent the traditions and customs of the area where they are made. Oriental rugs are available in both traditional and modern styles. Furthermore, these rugs are of different sizes, such as long carpets and oriental area rugs. For instance, a hand-knotted oriental rug from China often has Buddhist motifs and colors specific to that country. 

Each Hand-Knotted Persian Rugs are Different from the Other:

What makes hand-knotted Persian rugs unique and famous? Its versatile patterns and designs of carpets. Furthermore, the creation of two rugs never matches each other. These rugs are handmade from start to end. 

Therefore, you will never see two rugs with the same design. Moreover, the artisans change the design according to their creative instinct while weaving the rug. Thus, it makes these rugs unique and specific. 

How to Select the Best Hand-knotted Persian Rugs:

For a better shopping experience, the following tips will help you purchase the best hand-knotted rugs for your home.    

Design, Pattern and Color:

Design, color and pattern come first when we shop for a rug. However, the selection of these factors depends on your home’s style and color theme. For instance, if you have a furnished home already, then look at what type of rug will enhance the beauty of your home. 

However, if you are purchasing home decor items first, you can style your home according to the design and color of the rug. 

The best options are usually neutral or light-colored hand-knotted rugs. Furthermore, patterned handmade oriental rugs have multiple colors. Thus, it will be best to purchase a rug that suits the theme of your home. 


The material from which the rug has been made determines the texture of the rugs. A handmade rug made of silk will be more smooth and fluffy than a wool area rug. Furthermore, the number of knots per square inch of the rug also gives it a smooth and soft appearance. Moreover, you can contrast the rug with the finish of furniture to purchase the best hand-knotted rugs.    

Size of the Rug:

Choose a size according to where you have to place the rug. There are available a range of sizes in hand-knotted Persian rugs. However, it is better to opt for a rug that is not too large or too small.  

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