Complete Guide to Rug Repair and its Significance

The Royal rugs gallery made beautiful modern, transitional and traditional rugs for the floor. It adds beauty to your room. Furthermore, it uplifts the entire look of your room. Undoubtedly, rugs are a fundamental part of home décor. It gives a traditional and trendy look to your home. 

Surprisingly, once you place a rug in your home, you wish it always to remain undamaged. However, it is not possible. With time, a carpet undergoes various experiences that damage it. For instance, you walk on it, place heavy furniture that leads to irreversible dent, and often moths eat away the fiber. 

Thus, with time rugs become damaged and deteriorated. Therefore, rug repair and restoration are necessary to amend the damage and prevent it from further deterioration. Additionally, frequent rug or carpet repair has preserved beauty and durability for several years.   

Is your Rug Damaged? 

It’s natural that when you use a thing, it gets damaged with time. More often, you can repair it by yourself. However, there are some instances when a professional rug repair and restoration is necessary. The experts at royal rug gallery repair the rugs so efficiently that you can’t recognize that it’s a repaired piece. Instead, after restoration, it will look like a new, unused rug.   

Repair your Rug Right Away:

Regular maintenance and restoration is the only way to keep your rug beautiful and durable. Furthermore, once your rug becomes damaged, repair it as soon as possible. Hence, a timely rug repair can prevent it from further damage and preserve its glory. 

Additionally, a timely repair can help save money. For instance, the repair will be less costly when your rug is less damaged. Furthermore, if you ignore minor damage, it may lead to a complex and extensive rug restoration.

Moreover, regular rug maintenance and repair in 5-10 years can make a rug long-lasting. However, the most important thing is which company you choose for your rug maintenance services matters significantly. Your oriental rugs are expensive and are essential for home décor. Thus, choosing well-reputed rug repair professionals is vital for better and more efficient services.

Opt for Rug Repair Professionals:

For sure, rug restoration demands experience. It is the work of a skilful and efficient person. Thus, if you want your rug restoration in an efficient way that preserves its glory, then always opt for a professional.

A professional always tries his best to obtain the right color and material of wool and weave it so efficiently that no one can distinguish the repaired part. Furthermore, a master weaver will tell you about the damage restoration and expenses. 

One of the most common rug damages is as follows;

  • Fringe repair
  • Fire damage
  • Holes and tears
  • Color restoration (re-dying of rug)
  • Rug misalignment
  • Shredded ends

The rug repair professionals at the Royal rug gallery can amend holes, realign shredded ends, and rebuild the fringes. Rug restoration is a time-consuming and laborious task; therefore, it will be expensive. However, it is not as costly as some professionals tell you. Thus, don’t get fooled by them and choose a reputable company with reasonable prices.

Meanwhile, some less reputable companies often tell you to use paint on damaged parts, which is a cheap remedy. However, it is not a long-lasting solution. In addition, it can cause permanent damage to your rug. 

Common Rug Damages:

Repair the Sides of the Rug:

The sides of the rug are the two sides without fringes. When a professional weaver completes the rug weaving, they tie a knot at that point that maintains the rug shape and also prevents the unraveling of the knot.

However, with time, this knot starts opening and the damage initiates. It is better to stop the knot opening on the spot immediately. Furthermore, it will be cheap to recover the unweaving process. Ignoring the damage at the start leads to an expanded form of wear and may be expensive to repair. 

Rug repair professionals wrap the damaged side with suitable wool. It will stop the opening of the knot and restore it to its original form. The color and type of wool depends on the rug. Furthermore, a tight and fine edge is used for a thin rug, while a coarser edge is applied to rugs with thick piling.     

Fringe Repair:

Fringes are the thread that runs along the width of the rug. It seems that fringes are just for decoration, but in reality, these are the foundation of rug infrastructure. However, fringes are exposed. Thus there are more chances for its damage.

Pile Unraveling:

If you don’t repair the untangled fringes, it may cause severe damage to the piling of the rug. Thus, it is necessary to restore the fringes as soon as possible. There are two main methods for restoring the edges. Includes,

  • The first method is to secure the tangled fringes that are becoming loose. For this purpose, an expert weaver disentangled the fringes and then cut the uneven fringes if it is messy to give them a clean look. 
  • In the case of rugs with a pile, it is better to sew new fringes instead of repairing the old ones.
  • Fringe damage on a rug with a thinner pile can be repaired by a technique called Zangera stitch.

Is Rug Repair Necessary if Piling Become Thin:

Naturally, piling becomes thin with time. However, thinning of piling is not that much problematic as fringes damage as it is a sign of age. Thus, restoration of the pile is a personal preference. 

However, if the pile becomes too thin and the rug’s base starts appearing, then rug repair is necessary. Pile restoration depends on the time it has been used and the extent of the damage. 

Repair a Hole:

If a particular part of the rug has been unweaving for any reason, it requires immediate repair. However, repairing a hole is a complex method. There are two main steps of hole repair. Includes,

  • The first and essential step is to rebuild the foundation of the rug. For this purpose, clean the area rug thoroughly and extend the broken fibers to make it re-weave able. 
  • In the second step, wool threads are sewed to cover the hole. Sewing should be according to the density and pattern of the rug. 

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