Area Rug Care Tips. How to Make your Rug Long-lasting

Undoubtedly, rugs are the most precious thing you can add to glorify your home. Rugs are of different types: traditional, trendy, transitional and modern. Furthermore, they are made of various materials such as silk and wool. Additionally, you can opt between a range of sizes and dimensions. 

Thus, you can find any type of rug for your home. However, if you want a unique piece, you can also choose customization options. Various manufacturers offer custom-made rugs, such as Royal rug gallery. Our expert craftsman weaves a perfect rug for you according to your choice. 

Rugs are unique, and they look so elegant. Thus, adding a rug to decorating your home is the best investment ever. They give your space an elegant and luxurious look. Furthermore, they make your home welcoming due to their bright and cozy appearance. 

Besides beauty, area rugs also provide you comfort. They protect your floor from damage such as furniture or animal scratches. Furthermore, they add warmth to your home as rugs can absorb heat from your surroundings and give your space a cozy look. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that rugs are a complete package of benefits and beauty. 

Why is Rug Care Necessary?

Rugs are beautiful but also delicate because of their material, such as wool or silk. Furthermore, rugs are one of the most expensive investments in home decor. Thus, to maintain the glory of your rug for a long time, it is necessary to practice rug care frequently. 

Regular care of rug also increases the lifespan of your rug. Furthermore, it also prevents the rugs from permanent damages, which may be more costly to recover. In addition, it is essential to preserve the colors, texture and shape of rugs. 

Benefits of Rug Care:

It includes the regular maintenance and cleaning of your rug. You can clean your rug at home, while some opt for professional rug cleaning services. Undoubtedly, it is critical not only for the rug’s lifespan but also for your health. 

Following are some benefits of taking care of your rug. Includes,

  • It increases the lifespan of your rug, and it always looks like a new piece.  
  • It prevents the rug from discoloration and maintains the texture.
  • Rug care maintains a healthy living environment by removing allergens and bacteria from rug fiber.
  • Eradicates the chemical residues that are left after rental rug cleaning.
  • It eliminates the odor and staleness.

Tips and Tricks for Rug Care:

Properly Vacuum your Rug:

Vacuuming is the key to maintaining texture and newness. Thus, it is a must to vacuum your rug at least once a week. Furthermore, it also depends on the type and material of your rug. Although, vacuuming doesn’t remove the dirt deep down in the pile of carpets. However, it sucks some dust particles and removes the allergens on the rug’s fibers. Thus, it helps to keep rugs clean between the professional cleanings.

Rotate your Rug:

Direct exposure to the sun may cause fading of colors in your rug. Thus, to prevent discoloration it is necessary to limit the direct sun exposure. For this purpose, you may use blinds or curtains. Furthermore, the best way to avoid damage is to rotate your rug annually. 

Thus, rotating each rug segment will equally expose it to the light and sun. Consequently, it will preserve the natural color of your rug and reduce uneven wear. 

Avoid Placing Heavy Furniture on your Rug:

The placement of heavy furniture on your rug will cause a permanent dent in it. It also damages the rug’s fibers and causes them to break. Thus, it affects the piling of the rug and makes it thinner. Furthermore, it may also lead to the shedding of the rug. 

Therefore, avoiding placing heavy furniture on your area rug is better for proper rug and carpet care. However, using furniture coasters may help prevent depression on the rug.

Attach a Rug Pad:

Not surprisingly, the attachment of a rug pad can be very beneficial in rug or carpet care. Hence, the rug pad gives your rug a cushioning appearance. Furthermore, it prevents slipping and absorbs the sound from the surrounding environment. Thus, the attachment of a rug pad to your area rug will be the best investment.

Avoid Do-it-Yourself Rug Cleaning: 

Undoubtedly, rugs and carpets are very delicate and can quickly get damaged. Thus, it is necessary to avoid different DIY cleaning practices. For instance, blotting a spill with tissue paper is the first step toward damaging your rug. 

Furthermore, using detergents containing toxic chemicals can severely harm the texture and material of your rug. Additionally, you should not apply water to your rug as it may lead to bleeding of color from one section to another. Thus, it causes discoloration and also damages the floor underneath. 

Opt for Professional Cleaning of Rugs:

Besides regular rug care at home, professional cleaning is a must to increase the lifespan of your rug. Thus, nothing can replace the professional rug cleaning services in maintaining your rug’s original texture and bright colors. 

Therefore, it is essential to get your rug cleaned by professional cleaners every 12-18 months. Indeed, only professional rug cleaning can remove the deeply penetrated dust particles. Additionally, it is also necessary to knock out allergens, pet urine odor, dust mites and mold spores, etc. Furthermore, professional cleaning doesn’t make dyes bleed, which causes damage to color.         

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